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Have a question? Check our FAQ’s out. If you still have questions please call at (407) 961-6200

Can I Apply on line or do I need to come into one of your Branch Offices?

Yes! Please feel free to complete your application and either email, fax or stop by at one of our servicing locations.  Please email your Application to or fax to (407) 650-3187.

What if I just started my business?

Simply fill out our application; there are many variables to being accepted. Let us have the opportunity to work for you.

What qualifications are required to obtain a Floorplan?

Of course a qualified Dealers License, a Drivers License and/or photo id card along with proof of full Insurance. Also, references and credit history will be looked at.  Ask for more information!

Who do I call for any other questions?

Please contact any one of our Branch Locations Managers or our Corporate office for any inquires, we welcome your question.

How do I receive my user name and password to create my account for your website?

You will receive your secured user name and password at the time of your contract signing. You will be assigned a temporary password for you to change the first time you sign on.

Remember user names and passwords are case sensitive.

How do I floor a car with FlexPlus?

No Worries!  When you purchase at any of FlexPlus approved auction locations, we provide each auction with your credit availability on the day of the sale.

Can I purchase a vehicle outside the auction and floor it with FlexPlus?

Yes, we offer Non-Auction purchases to qualified or seasoned customers of FlexPlus.

Does FlexPlus charge for Lot Audit Fee’s.

Yes, FlexPlus will conduct random audits each month and as we partner with your business there will be a monthly fee. FlexPlus does not charge per audit.

What if I don’t have Lot Insurance or not enough coverage?

FlexPlus offers collateral protection on each unit currently on our floorplan.   Collateral protection is covered throughout the term of the loan for a daily fee based on the cost of the floored unit.  Ask your FlexPlus representative for more information.

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